File age.changes of Package age

Mon Dec 26 21:25:32 UTC 2022 - Martin Hauke <>

- Update to version 1.1.1
  Plugins support
  * The age CLI now supports plugins, such as age-plugin-yubikey
  Breaking changes
  * If -i is used, passphrase-encrypted files are now rejected.
  * Empty final chunks are now rejected.
  Minor changes
  * PKCS#8-encoded Ed25519 private keys (such as 1Password exports)
    are now supported as SSH identities.
  * If an armored file is pasted into the terminal, age will now
    attempt to wait until the end of the file before prompting for
    a password.
  * Some invalid files are now correctly rejected, in particular
    encrypted files with trailing data.
  * If /dev/tty is present but can't be opened, age will now
    fallback to trying to treat stdin as a terminal as if
    /dev/tty wasn't present.
  * Input prompts now go to the terminal, even if standard error#
    is redirected.
  * Values of the new armor.Error type are now returned wrapped in
    decryption errors when appropriate.
  * Documentation and error messages were improved.

Sat Oct 16 12:30:31 UTC 2021 - Jan Engelhardt <>

- Remove filler phrases from descriptions.

Tue Sep  7 18:55:23 UTC 2021 - Martin Hauke <>

- Initial package, version 1.0.0
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