File saltbundlepy-py.changes of Package saltbundlepy-py

Mon May  3 11:44:11 UTC 2021 - Markéta Machová <>

- CVE-2020-29651.patch (bsc#1179805, CVE-2020-29651, bsc#1184505)
  * python-py: regular expression denial of service in

Mon Jan  6 12:53:25 UTC 2020 - Tomáš Chvátal <>

- Update to 1.8.1:
  - Handle ``FileNotFoundError`` when trying to import pathlib in
    ``path.common`` on Python 3.4 (#207).
  - ``py.path.local.samefile`` now works correctly in Python 3 on
    Windows when dealing with symlinks.

Wed Jun 19 10:08:47 UTC 2019 - Tomáš Chvátal <>

- Switch to multibuild to avoid cycle bsc#1138666

Wed Feb 27 13:48:08 UTC 2019 - Tomáš Chvátal <>

- Update to 1.8.0:
  * add ``"importlib"`` pyimport mode for python3.5+, allowing unimportable test suites
    to contain identically named modules.
  * fix ``LocalPath.as_cwd()`` not calling ``os.chdir()`` with ``None``, when
    being invoked from a non-existing directory.
- Drop merged patch separators.patch

Fri Feb 15 11:19:55 UTC 2019 - Tomáš Chvátal <>

- Make tests never fail as they are borked on pytest-4 with
  most probably no intention of being ever fixed

Fri Feb 15 11:01:39 UTC 2019 - Tomáš Chvátal <>

- Make tests really pass on pytest 3.x series
- Add patch to operate better with serparators (from upstream git):
  * separators.patch

Tue Feb 12 14:34:40 UTC 2019 - Tomáš Chvátal <>

- Drop the doc subpackage, no need for it really
- Make sure the tests are realy executed

Fri Oct 26 13:07:32 UTC 2018 - Ondřej Súkup <>

- update to 1.7.0
 * use ``shutil.get_terminal_size()`` in Python 3.3+ to determine the size of the
  terminal, which produces more accurate results than the previous method.
 * introduce new ``PY_IGNORE_IMPORTMISMATCH`` environment variable
  that suppresses ``ImportMismatchError`` exceptions when set to ``1``.
 * add ``TerminalWriter.width_of_current_line`` (i18n version of
  ``TerminalWriter.chars_on_current_line``), a read-only property
  that tracks how wide the current line is, attempting to take
  into account international characters in the calculation.

Thu Aug  2 12:39:13 UTC 2018 -

- update to 1.5.4
  * don't make assumptions about fs case sensitivity in ``make_numbered_dir``.

Thu May 31 04:37:00 UTC 2018 -

- update to version 1.5.3
  * - fix #179: ensure we can support 'from py.error import ...'

Sun Nov 19 05:51:49 UTC 2017 -

- specfile:
  * updated url

- update to version 1.5.2:
  * fix #169, #170: error importing py.log on Windows: no module named

- changes from version 1.5.1:
  * fix #167 - prevent pip from installing py in unsupported Python

Wed Nov 15 07:06:05 UTC 2017 -

- update to version 1.5.0:
  * python 2.6 and 3.3 are no longer supported
  * deprecate py.std and remove all internal uses
  * fix #73 turn py.error into an actual module
  * path join to / no longer produces leading double slashes
  * fix #82 - remove unsupportable aliases
  * fix python37 compatibility of path.sysfind on windows by correctly
    replacing vars
  * turn iniconfig and apipkg into vendored packages and ease
    de-vendoring for distributions
  * fix #68 remove invalid py.test.ensuretemp references
  * fix #25 - deprecate path.listdir(sort=callable)
  * add TerminalWriter.chars_on_current_line read-only property that
    tracks how many characters have been written to the current line.

Fri Jun 30 06:02:11 UTC 2017 -

- Update to 1.4.34
  * fix issue119 / pytest issue708 where tmpdir may fail to make
    numbered directories when the filesystem is case-insensitive.
  * avoid imports in calls to py.path.local().fnmatch(). Thanks
    Andreas Pelme for the PR.
  * fix issue106: Naive unicode encoding when calling fspath() in
    python2. Thanks Tiago Nobrega for the PR.
  * fix issue110: unittest.TestCase.assertWarns fails with py

Thu Feb 23 14:56:48 UTC 2017 -

- update to 1.4.32
    - fix issue70: added ability to copy all stat info in py.path.local.copy.
    - make TerminalWriter.fullwidth a property.  This results in the correct
      value when the terminal gets resized.
    - update supported html tags to include recent additions.
      Thanks Denis Afonso for the PR.
    - Remove internal code in ``Source.compile`` meant to support earlier Python 3 versions that produced the side effect
      of leaving ``None`` in ``sys.modules`` when called (see pytest-dev/pytest#2103).
      Thanks Bruno Oliveira for the PR.

Wed Oct  5 14:47:53 UTC 2016 -

- update for singlespec

Sat Sep  3 18:33:49 UTC 2016 -

- Update download Url

Sat Jul 23 13:23:33 UTC 2016 -

- corrected homepage URL
- HTTPS URL for pypi source link
- update to version 1.4.31
  * fix local().copy(dest, mode=True) to also work with unicode.
  * pass better error message with svn EEXIST paths

Thu Jul  2 10:01:08 UTC 2015 -

- update to version 1.4.30:
  * fix issue68 an assert with a multiline list comprehension was not
    reported correctly. Thanks Henrik Heibuerger.

- changes from version 1.4.29:
  * fix issue55: revert a change to the statement finding algorithm
    which is used by pytest for generating tracebacks. Thanks Daniel
    Hahler for initial analysis.
  * fix pytest issue254 for when traceback rendering can’t find valid
    source code. Thanks Ionel Cristian Maries.

Tue Jun 30 13:45:03 UTC 2015 -

- Split documentation into separate package to avoid build loop

Mon Jun 22 15:13:02 UTC 2015 -

- update to 1.4.28:
  - fix issue64 -- dirpath regression when "abs=True" is passed.
  - fix issue59: point to new repo site
  - allow a new ensuresyspath="append" mode for py.path.local.pyimport()
    so that a neccessary import path is appended instead of prepended to
  - strike undocumented, untested argument to py.path.local.pypkgpath
  - speed up py.path.local.dirpath by a factor of 10

Wed Feb  4 14:25:30 UTC 2015 -

- update to version 1.4.26:
  - avoid calling normpath twice in py.path.local
  - py.builtin._reraise properly reraises under Python3 now.
  - fix issue53 - remove module index, thanks jenisys.
  - allow posix path separators when "fnmatch" is called.
    Thanks Christian Long for the complete PR.

Sat Sep 27 17:35:17 UTC 2014 -

- update to 1.4.25:
  - fix issue52: vaguely fix py25 compat of py.path.local (it's not
  officially supported), also fix docs
  - fix pytest issue 589: when checking if we have a recursion error
  check for the specific "maximum recursion depth" text of the exception.
- update to 1.4.24:
  - Fix retrieving source when an else: line has an other statement on
  the same line.
  - add localpath read_text/write_text/read_bytes/write_bytes methods
  as shortcuts and clearer bytes/text interfaces for read/write.
  Adapted from a PR from Paul Moore.
- update to 1.4.23:
  - use newer apipkg version which makes attribute access on
   alias modules resolve to None rather than an ImportError.
   This helps with code that uses inspect.getframeinfo()
   on py34 which causes a complete walk on sys.modules
   thus triggering the alias module to resolve and blowing
   up with ImportError.  The negative side is that something
   like "py.test.X" will now result in None instead of "importerror: pytest"
   if pytest is not installed.  But you shouldn't import "py.test" 
   anyway anymore.
 - adapt one svn test to only check for any exception instead 
   of specific ones because different svn versions cause different
   errors and we don't care.

Wed Jul 30 07:50:37 UTC 2014 -

- Update to 1.4.22
  - refactor class-level registry on ForkedFunc child start/finish
    event to become instance based (i.e. passed into the constructor)
- Update to 1.4.21
  - ForkedFunc now has class-level register_on_start/on_exit()
    methods to allow adding information in the boxed process.
    Thanks Marc Schlaich.
  - ForkedFunc in the child opens in "auto-flush" mode for
    stdout/stderr so that when a subprocess dies you can see
    its output even if it didn't flush itself.
  - refactor traceback generation in light of pytest issue 364
    (shortening tracebacks).   you can now set a new traceback style 
    on a per-entry basis such that a caller can force entries to be 
    isplayed as short or long entries.
  - win32: py.path.local.sysfind(name) will preferrably return files with
    extensions so that if "X" and "X.bat" or "X.exe" is on the PATH,
    one of the latter two will be returned.

Tue May  6 11:39:52 UTC 2014 -

- Removed unnessisary dependency on python-setuptools especially as this 
  causes a conflict with SLE11sp3

Wed Mar 12 16:08:39 UTC 2014 -

- Update to version 1.4.20:
  + ignore unicode decode errors in xmlescape.  Thanks Anatoly Bubenkoff.
  + on python2 modify traceback.format_exception_only to match python3 
    behaviour, namely trying to print unicode for Exception instances
  + use a safer way for serializing exception reports (helps to fix
    pytest issue413)
- Drop %check section, we never ran tests. That would need python-pytest
  and introduce a cycle

Fri Jan  3 08:30:42 UTC 2014 -

- update to 1.4.19:
  - merge in apipkg fixes
  - some micro-optimizations in py/_code/ for speeding
    up pytest runs.  Thanks Alex Gaynor for initiative.
  - check PY_COLORS=1 or PY_COLORS=0 to force coloring/not-coloring
    for independently from capabilities
    of the output file.  Thanks Marc Abramowitz for the PR.
  - some fixes to unicode handling in assertion handling.
    Thanks for the PR to Floris Bruynooghe.  (This helps
    to fix pytest issue 319).
  - depend on setuptools presence, remove distribute_setup

Sun Dec  8 21:10:33 UTC 2013 -

- Update to version 1.4.18
  + introduce path.ensure_dir() as a synonym for ensure(..., dir=1)
  + some unicode/python3 related fixes wrt to path manipulations
    (if you start passing unicode particular in py2 you might 
    still get problems, though)
- Changes from 1.4.17
  + make prefer colorama if it is available
    and avoid empty lines when separator-lines are printed by
    being defensive and reducing the working terminalwidth by 1
  + introduce optional "expanduser" argument to py.path.local
    to that local("~", expanduser=True) gives the home
    directory of "user".
- Changes from 1.4.16
  + fix issue35 - define __gt__ ordering between a local path
    and strings
  + fix issue36 - make chdir() work even if os.getcwd() fails.
  + add path.exists/isdir/isfile/islink shortcuts
  + introduce local path.as_cwd() context manager.
  + introduce p.write(ensure=1) and
    where ensure triggers creation of neccessary parent dirs.

Thu Oct 24 11:10:27 UTC 2013 -

- Require python-setuptools instead of distribute (upstreams merged)

Tue Jun 25 11:45:11 UTC 2013 -

- update to 1.4.15:
  - majorly speed up some common calling patterns with
    LocalPath.listdir()/join/check/stat functions considerably.
  - fix an edge case with fnmatch where a glob style pattern appeared
    in an absolute path.

Mon May 27 14:08:03 UTC 2013 -

- update to 1.4.14:
 - fix dupfile to work with files that don't carry a mode.
 - fix getting statementrange/compiling a file ending
   in a comment line without newline (on python2.5)
 - for local paths you can pass "mode=True" to a copy()
   in order to copy permission bits (underlying mechanism
   is using shutil.copymode)
 - add paths arguments to py.path.local.sysfind to restrict
   search to the diretories in the path.
 - add isdir/isfile/islink to path.stat() objects allowing to perform
   multiple checks without calling out multiple times
 - drop py.path.local.__new__ in favour of a simpler __init__
 - iniconfig: allow "name:value" settings in config files, no space after
   "name" required
 - fix issue 27 - NameError in unlikely untested case of saferepr

Sat Jan 12 16:41:46 UTC 2013 -

- Initial python3 support

Sat Jan 12 16:40:43 UTC 2013 -

- Update to 1.4.12 version:
  * fix python2.4 support - for pre-AST interpreters re-introduce 
    old way to find statements in exceptions (closes pytest issue 209)
  * add tox.ini to distribution
  * fix issue23 - print *,** args information in tracebacks,
    thanks Manuel Jacob

Fri Jun 22 13:34:17 UTC 2012 -

- Update to version 1.4.9:
  + fix bug of path.visit() which would not recognize glob-style patterns
    for the "rec" recursion argument
  + changed iniconfig parsing to better conform, now the chars ";"
    and "#" only mark a comment at the stripped start of a line
  + include recent apipkg-1.2
  + change internal terminalwriter.line/reline logic to more nicely
    support file spinners
- Changes from version 1.4.8:
  + fix issue 13 - correct handling of the tag name object in xmlgen
  + fix issue 14 - support raw attribute values in xmlgen
  + fix windows terminalwriter printing/re-line problem
  + update to 0.6.27

Mon Feb 20 22:04:23 UTC 2012 -

- Update to version 1.4.7:
  * fix issue11 - own test failure with python3.3 / Thanks Benjamin Peterson
  * help fix pytest issue 102
- Changes from version 1.4.6:
  * help to fix pytest issue99: unify output of 
    ExceptionInfo.getrepr(style="native") with ...(style="long")
  * fix issue7: source.getstatementrange() now raises proper error
    if no valid statement can be found
  * fix issue8: fix code and tests of svnurl/svnwc to work on subversion 1.7 - 
    note that path.status(updates=1) will not properly work svn-17's status 
    --xml output is broken.
  * make source.getstatementrange() more resilent about non-python code frames
    (as seen from jnja2)
  * make trackeback recursion detection more resilent
    about the eval magic of a decorator library
  * iniconfig: add support for ; as comment starter
  * properly handle lists in xmlgen on python3
  * normalize py.code.getfslineno(obj) to always return a (string, int) tuple
    defaulting to ("", -1) respectively if no source code can be found for obj.
- Changes from version 1.4.5:
  * improve some unicode handling in terminalwriter and capturing
- Spec file cleanup:
  * BuildRequire python-distribute instead of setuptools
  * Simplified macro usage
  * Removed outdated %clean section

Thu Jul 14 08:48:35 UTC 2011 -

- Initial version

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