File blogc.changes of Package blogc

Mon Jan  4 10:30:11 UTC 2021 - Michael Vetter <>

- Update to 0.20.1:
  * Fixed sorting of posts in blogc(1) when some post's DATE was
    before Sun Sep 9 01:46:40 AM UTC 2001.
  * Simplified utf-8 implementation.

Wed Sep 16 06:54:58 UTC 2020 - Michael Vetter <>

- Update to 0.20.0:
  * blogc(1) now generates a "Table of Contents" tree for each
    source file. See blogc-toctree(7) for usage instructions.

Mon Jun  1 05:41:54 UTC 2020 - Michael Vetter <>

- Update to 0.19.0:
  * blogc(1) now accepts multiple -e command-line arguments, to allow
    declaration of multiple listing_entry template blocks.
	See blogc-template(7) for details. This is not supported by
	blogc-make(1), it only accepts one file as listing_entry setting.
  * blogc(1) now supports a listing_empty template block, that is
    displayed only when the the listing set is empty.
	See blogc-template(7) for details.
  * Fixed a race condition in blogc-make(1)'s runserver command.
  * Minor adjustments in blogc-make(1) atom feed generation.
  * Some other minor bug fixes.

Thu Sep 12 06:39:29 UTC 2019 -

- Update to 0.18.0:
  * blogc-make(1) now includes the pagination_tags rule, to build
    pagination pages for each tag.
  * Fixed a bug in blogc(1) that prevented digits in -D
    command-line arguments.
  * Do not show error message when evaluating variables with
    blogc(1)'s -p command-line argument.

Fri May  3 06:55:59 UTC 2019 -

- Update to 0.17.0:
  * blogc(1) now supports sorting source files by DATE variable,
    by providing the FILTER_SORT=1 global variable.
	The source files are sorted in descending order by default, and
	can be reversed by providing the FILTER_REVERSE=1 global variable.
	See blogc-pagination(7) for details.
  * blogc-make(1) got a new setting to support sorting posts:
	posts_sort. See blogcfile(5) for details.

Tue Apr 23 06:02:56 UTC 2019 -

- Update to 0.16.1:
  * blogc-make(1) was implementing atom feeds wrong for long time.
  * atom_legacy_entry_id isn't supported by blogcfile(5) anymore.

Mon Apr 15 08:33:07 UTC 2019 -

- Update to 0.16.0:
  * Added new template block listing_entry, to include the content
    of a source file on a listing page. This is useful if the user
    wants to have an index page with posts listing and some content
    together. See blogc(1) (description of -e option) and
    blogc-template(7) for details.
  * Adapted blogc-make(1) to support the new listing_entry block.
    See blogcfile(5) for details.
  * Changed blogc(1)-p option to be able to retrieve values from
    entries, instead of just listings. Any variables that can be used
    in templates are available, including CONTENT, that contains
    the HTML generated from the source file.

Wed Feb 27 08:58:52 UTC 2019 -

- Update to 0.15.1:
  * Backslashes won't escape inline code in source files, to be
    more compatible with Markdown spec. To escape a back-tick
    character inside inline code, please enclose the code with double back-ticks.
  * Simplified implementation of BLOGC_SYSINFO_USERNAME template
    variable, to prevent issues with static builds in glibc, due to
    some functions requiring shared libraries even when built statically.

Tue Feb 12 08:41:37 UTC 2019 -

- Update to 0.15.0:
  * Includes some predefined internal template variables, to show
    some build metadata in websites. See blogc-template(7) for details.
  * Fixes a bug when using whitespace characters like \r, \n
    and \t in template blocks, conditionals and variables, instead
    of just spaces (' '). These characters where not allowed previously.

Thu Jan 17 11:55:49 UTC 2019 -

- Update to 0.14.1:
  * Minor code improvements in blogc-make and blogc-git-receiver
  * Fixed a bug in blogc-make handling of rule names. Previously
    it would accept incomplete rule names, but would run all the
    rules that matched that substring, e.g. atom would match atom,
    atom_tags, atom_dump, and run all of them in sequence.
    Now it will only match the exact rule names.

Fri Jul 27 10:03:50 UTC 2018 -

- Update to 0.14.0:
  * Allow usage of empty values for the *_prefix settings in blogcfile(5)
  * Fixed some bugs in the default Atom feed template.
    This includes a change in the algorithm that generates Atom
    IDs for every post. Users upgrading to this version may want to set
    atom_legacy_entry_id to true in blogcfile(5), to avoid
    re-sharing posts due to the ID changes.
  * Allow usage of custom Atom feed templates. Users can dump the
    default template to use as base for customizations, using
    blogc-make(1)atom_dump rule.
  * Minor fixes to prevent segfaults.

Mon Jul 23 07:19:24 UTC 2018 -

- Update to 0.13.10:
  * Fix bug in the config-parser, that prevented usage of keys
    with empty values.

Wed Jun 13 08:03:08 UTC 2018 -

- Update to 0.13.9:
  * Fix blogc-git-receiver(1)'s git shell to reinstall its git
    hooks symlinks if they are broken.

Mon Jun 11 06:41:17 UTC 2018 -

- Update to 0.13.8:
  * This is a minor release, that fixes a corner-case segmentation
    fault in blogc-git-receiver(1)'s pre-receive hook, that was
    introduced in the previous release.
- Changes in 0.13.7:
  * Users can now run blogc-git-receiver(1) in shared hosting
    enviromnents, if they have SSH access.
  * If atom_posts_per_page and posts_per_page settings for
    blogc-make(1) are set to zero, index listings and Atom feeds
    are not built, instead of producing "empty" files.
  * Fixed some other minor issues.

Tue May 15 08:53:53 UTC 2018 -

- Update to 0.13.6:
  * Improved blogc-make(1) output formatting when running the
    runserver helper rule.

Mon May 14 09:02:46 UTC 2018 -

- Update to 0.13.5:
  * Added a watch rule to blogc-make(1). This rule allows the usage
    of the automatic website reloader/rebuilder without using
  * Changed the architecture of the blogc-make(1)runserver rule.

Wed Mar 21 09:48:24 UTC 2018 -

- Update to 0.13.4:
  Minor release with bug-fixes and a minor blogc-make feature:
  * When running commands, blogc-make(1) will show the command's 
    STDERR always, to avoid suppressing blogc(1)
  * When setting posts_per_page to -1 in blogcfile(5), the
    pagination features are disabled, and all the posts are
    included in the template listing blocks.

Wed Mar 14 08:53:33 UTC 2018 -

- Update to 0.13.3:
  * Minor release with few bugfixes for bugs detected by 

Mon Mar 12 07:40:20 UTC 2018 -

- Update to 0.13.2:
  * Pass MAKE_TAGS to blogc.
  * MAKE_SLUG to blogc when running pages and posts build tasks.
  * Fix memory leak

Sun Feb 25 22:50:37 UTC 2018 -

- Remove not needed BuildRequires automake

Fri Feb 23 14:56:45 UTC 2018 -

- Initial package for openSUSE in version 0.13.1
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