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Name Title
spins:invis openSUSE invis-Server Spin
home:EDV_Lotse EDV_Lotse's Home Project
spins:invis:unstable Unstable and experimental Packages for invis-servers
spins:invis:testing:zarafa-freeze Archiv für die letze stabile Zarafa-Version
spins:invis:common Common packages for invis-Server stable & unstable
spins:invis:testing:perl-packages Perl Pakete
spins:invis:testing:python-packages Python Pakete
spins:invis:testing:postgresql PostgreSQL patched by Dimitri
home:EDV_Lotse:postgresql PostgreSQL 9.2 for 1C
home:EDV_Lotse:postgresql93 PostgreSQL 9.3.4 for 1C:Enterprise
home:EDV_Lotse:postgresql94 PostgreSQL 9.4.2 for 1C:Enterprise
home:EDV_Lotse:postgresql96 PostgreSQL 9.6.10 for 1C:Enterprise
home:EDV_Lotse:postgresql10 PostgreSQL 10.3 for 1C:Enterprise
home:EDV_Lotse:postgresql963 PostgreSQL 9.6.3 for 1C:Enterprise
home:EDV_Lotse:postgresql965 PostgreSQL 9.6.5 for 1C:Enterprise
home:EDV_Lotse:postgresql966 PostgreSQL 9.6.6 for 1C:Enterprise
home:EDV_Lotse:SOGo SOGo
home:EDV_Lotse:postgresql967 PostgreSQL 9.6.7 for 1C:Enterprise
home:EDV_Lotse:postgresql968 PostgreSQL 9.6.8
home:EDV_Lotse:postgresql969 PostgreSQL 9.6.9
spins:invis:testing Testing Project for the openSUSE invis-Server Spin
home:EDV_Lotse:zfs ZFS on Linux
home:EDV_Lotse:inadyn inadyn
home:EDV_Lotse:zfs_0_8 ZFS on Linux
home:EDV_Lotse:1C Packs for 1C:Enterprise

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