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Name Title
M17N:Devel Test repository for M17N
home:opensuse_zh openSUSE for Chinese Users Project
M17N:fonts Fonts
home:MargueriteSu MargueriteSu's Home Project
home:MargueriteSu:branches:M17N Branch project for package skim
home:MargueriteSu:branches:home:opensuse_zh Branch project for package hime
X11:Cinnamon:Factory Development branch of Cinnamon
devel:languages:lua Lua is a powerful light-weight programming language designed for extending applications.
home:MargueriteSu:unity unity 7
X11:Unity Ubuntu Ayatana
M17N Multilingualization Project
devel:languages:nodejs Node.js
server:dns Domain Name System
home:MargueriteSu:branches:devel:languages:go Branch project for package go-log4go
home:MargueriteSu:branches:devel:languages:nodejs Branch project for package nodejs-coffeestack
games:tools Tools for Gamers
X11:Cinnamon:Current The latest official release of Cinnamon
Mono:Factory The Mono Project
X11:Deepin Deepin Desktop and Applications.
home:opensuse_zh:infinality freetype2 infinality
server:http Webservers and tools around it
server:messaging Server Messaging
Education Applications for education users
home:MargueriteSu:branches:games:tools Branch project for package springlobby
X11:Deepin:Factory Development branch of deepin-desktop
home:opensuse_zh:raspberrypi3 Useful tools for Raspberry Pi 3
home:MargueriteSu:nodejs Testing repository for nodejs-packaging
devel:languages:nodejs:packaging nodejs-packaging
devel:languages:nodejs:applications Nodejs applications
home:MargueriteSu:archlinux-devtools openSUSE repository for Archlinux devtools
home:MargueriteSu:branches:GNOME:Apps Branch project for package transmission
X11:Cinnamon:Next Next version of Cinnamon (this is not for end-users!)
home:MargueriteSu:branches:OBS:AppImage Branch project for package AppImageKit
home:MargueriteSu:branches:GNOME:Factory Branch project for package gtk4

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