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Package Project
oidentd network:utilities
Name Title
home:Smar:infra Miscelleanous infra things for myself
home:Smar:nginx Extra nginx modules
home:Smar:mariadb MariaDB for SLE 15
home:Smar:php PHP packages for SLE 15
home:Smar:oidentd oidentd for Leap 15 and SLE 15
home:Smar:clementine-qt5 Clementine with Qt 5
home:Smar:kdevelop KDevelop 5 for SUSE 15
home:Smar:suricata Suricata for SLE 15
home:Smar:gimagereader gimagereader for SLE15
home:Smar:branches:games Branch project for package wesnoth
home:Smar:openrazer Patched openrazer with Mamba Elite support
home:Smar:virtualbox virtualbox for SLE15
home:Smar:kdiff3-sle15 kdiff3-kf5 for SLE15
home:Smar:netdata Unstable netdata
home:Smar:wesnoth14 Wesnoth 1.14.x
home:Smar:audio alsa-tools for SLE15
home:Smar:smarlayout Smarlayout XKB keymap
home:Smar:navi10 Graphics packages for Navi 10 series AMD video cards
home:Smar:branches:network:vpn:wireguard Wireguard for custom SLE15-SP2 kernel
home:Smar:llvm9 llvm9 for SLE-15-SP1
home:Smar:steam_deps Steam deps for SLE 15
home:Smar:poppler_sle15 poppler-qt5 for SLE15-SP1
home:Smar:lm-sensors Up to date lm-sensors version
home:Smar:firehol FireHOL + FireQOS for SLE15
home:Smar:tarsnap Tarsnap
home:Smar:pi-hole Pi-Hole: a black hole for Internet advertisements
home:Smar:thinkpad Utilities for Thinkpads
home:Smar:nvidia-gfxG05 Hackish NVidia driver for SLE15-SP2
home:Smar:containers Docker & co.
home:Smar:FAI Packages for FAI, Fully Automatic Installation
home:Smar:Kernel:SLE15-SP2 Kernel 5.3.x for SLE15-SP2
home:Smar:rawtherapee RawTherapee
home:Smar:bridge-utils bridge-utils for SLE15
home:Smar:openconnect openconnect for SLE15
home:Smar:webkitgtk Branch project for package webkitgtk
home:Smar:python3-mock python3-mock for SLE15
home:Smar:fish3 fish3 for SLE15

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