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Name Title
Printing Printing System Development Project
security:privacy Crypto applications and utilities
M17N Multilingualization Project
X11:Utilities X11 Utilities
server:mail Email services
devel:languages:misc various programming languages
shells Shell Implementations
editors Text editors and hex editors for Linux
devel:libraries:c_c++ A project for basic libraries shared among multiple projects
devel:tools Generic Development Tools
Archiving Archiving and Compressing
home:WernerFink The package home of Werner
Publishing Publishing Tools and Libraries
games openSUSE Games
security Security tools
home:WernerFink:branches:openSUSE:Tools openSUSE.org tools
Base:System Base:System Factory Devel Project
graphics Graphics Project
multimedia:apps Multimedia Applications
server:mail:gbuffy GBuffy - Watcher for Multiple Mailboxes
Publishing:TeXLive Build Environment for TeX Live
home:WernerFink:branches:network:utilities Branch project for package tcpd
home:WernerFink:branches:editors Branch project for package emacs
home:WernerFink:branches:X11:XOrg Branch project for package xorg-x11-server
home:WernerFink:branches:Virtualization Branch project for package virtualbox
games:tools Tools for Gamers
shells:ksh:new Ksh package builds from GitHub
home:WernerFink:BackUp Backup older packages
home:WernerFink:branches:Base:System Branch project for package glibc
home:WernerFink:branches:hardware Branch project for package libusb-1_0
Base:System:Legacy Legacy packages
home:WernerFink:branches:OBS_Maintained:file Branch project for package file
home:WernerFink:branches:openSUSE:Leap:42.1:Update Branch project for package xdm
home:WernerFink:branches:OBS_Maintained:mailx Branch project for package mailx
Publishing:TeXLive:42.2 TeXLive 2015 linked from appropiate revision below Publishing:TeXLive
home:WernerFink:QNAP Ubuntu Build for QNAP HS Station change root Environment
Publishing:TeXLive:42.3 TeXLive 2016 linked from appropiate revision below Publishing:TeXLive
home:WernerFink:packman Packman Repository
home:WernerFink:Factory Factory Repository
devel:languages:misc:s390x s390x
devel:languages:misc:s390x:qemu s390x:qemu
Publishing:TeXLive:15.0 TeXLive 2017 linked from appropiate revision below Publishing:TeXLive
Base:System:Dbus-Broker Development Tree for dbus-broker
home:WernerFink:branches:openSUSE:Leap:15.0:Update Branch project for package urlscan
home:WernerFink:mozilla Branch of mozilla:Factory
home:WernerFink:branches:home:mcepl Branch project for package mandoc
Publishing:TeXLive:2018 TeXLive 2018 linked from appropiate revision below Publishing:TeXLive
Publishing:TeXLive:2019 Publishing:TeXLive:2019

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