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Involved Projects and Packages
Univention:4.2 Maintainer

Univention UCS 4.2 server.

Univention:4.3 Maintainer

Univention UCS 4.3 server.

Univention:4.4 Maintainer

Univention UCS 4.4 server.

Watch the CI tests here:

Hyper-V tweaks for Windows Server 2012R2 Generation 2 VMs

The package requires all YaST translation packages
(yast2-trans-{??,??_??}). Otherwise it is empty.

For internal use only.

YaST:Head / yast2-trans-pot Maintainer

All .pot files

The package contains statistic files (one file per language). With the
help of these statistics Yast warns you if you select a language for
installation which is unsufficiently translated.

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