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Involved Projects and Packages

Debian Jessie (8.0r1).


Debian 9.0. Please note that neither GA nor update repo is frozen yet.


Debian Experimental.


Debian Unstable rolling release.

Maintainer Bugowner

This is a convert from devel:LEO project to a git repository.

Package sources are currently in a single git repository here:

If you are looking for installation media, check in

All development should append in openSUSE Factory


This package is based on the package 'gcc41' from project 'devel:tools:gcc'.

This package is based on the package 'gcc41' from project 'openSUSE:Factory'.

Core package for the GNU Compiler Collection, including the C language

Language frontends other than C are split to different sub-packages,
namely gcc-ada, gcc-c++, gcc-fortran, gcc-java and gcc-objc.

The UNIX iconv interface for perl.

This is 'astral' a Python module which calculates

* Times for various positions of the sun: dawn, sunrise, solar noon,
sunset, dusk, solar elevation, solar azimuth and rahukaalam.
* The phase of the moon.

For documentation see the


This project is a bootstrap minimal fixed snapshot of openSUSE Factory, used to generate ALP (Adaptable Linux Platform) install media.

No submission should be done to this project, every change should be done to openSUSE Factory.

Please note devel:ALP project is WIP experiment to hosting devel:LEO using git workflow. It should not be used until further notice.


PatchELF is a simple utility for modifing existing ELF executables and
libraries. It can change the dynamic loader ("ELF interpreter") of
executables and change the RPATH of executables and libraries.

Maintainer Bugowner

This project contains the Debian Etch non-free repository. This is mostly needed for building java packages.

All packages from "Everything" of Fedora 11 release.

All package from "Everything" of Fedora 12 release.

All package from "Everything" of Fedora 13 release.

All package from "Everything" of Fedora 14 release.

All package from "Everything" of Fedora 15 release.

Fedora 7 base distribution, not building itself, but to be used for building add-on packages.

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