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Involved Projects and Packages

Experimental project to test how Self-Update works in some scenarios. Just out of curiosity, fully unsupported.

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Jangouts (for "Janus Hangouts") is a solution for videoconferencing based on WebRTC and the excellent Janus Gateway with a user interface loosely inspired by Google Hangouts. It aims to provide a completely self-hosted open source alternative to Google Hangouts and similar solutions. Currently Jangouts supports conferences with video, audio, screen sharing and textual chat organized into an unlimited amount of conference rooms with a configurable limit of participants per room.


This project contains the packages for


Agama is a new Linux installer born in the core of the YaST team. It is designed to offer re-usability, integration with third party tools and the possibility of building advanced user interfaces over it.

This project is updated manually from the Agama:Staging project. Its intention is to provide more stable base for testing which gets at least basic manual testing. It is released less often than staging.

Intention of this project is to test current state of code at github. There are some tests and also integration tests in place, but in general expect that it is quite unstable. For more stable releases use systemsmanagement:Agama:Devel

Agama-based live installation media


This project contains the latest YaST packages built directly from the Git repositories. This is the development project for Factory.

**That means the packages are considered experimental and unstable, use them at your risk!**

Submit requests are disabled, if you want to contribute (thank you in advance!) create a pull request at GitHub (

See more details at

Maintainer Bugowner

Country specific data and configuration modules (language, keyboard,
timezone) for yast2.

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The YaST firstboot utility runs after installation is completed. It
guides the user through a series of steps that allows for easier
configuration of the machine.

YaST firstboot does not run by default and has to be configured to run
by the user or the system administrator. It is useful for image
deployments where the system in the image is completely configured,
however some last steps like root password and user logins have to be
created to personalize the system.

Maintainer Bugowner

This agent is used by YaST2 to modify the PAM configuration files

Maintainer Bugowner

The YaST2 component for security settings configuration.


The YaST2 component for sudo configuration. It configures capabilities
of users to run commands as root or other user.

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