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MirrorBrain - A Download Redirector and Metalink Generator



okurz: Up to 2021-09-29 this project included a link to the qemu package from openSUSE:Leap:15.1 (yes 15.1! even though we use 15.2 at the time of writing) which caused an old incompatible version of qemu 3 to be installed causing problems as reported in

Do you know difference between starting mariadb vs postgres server as a regular user? Or apache vs nginx? Or maybe want to know specifics of working example of starting rsync server?
There is no difference and no specifics - just use generated start / status / stop scripts. And there is more: (spawn as many services as needed(*), configure ssl for cluster, build services from source, ...) - without affecting your system(*).

This project was created for package minimal-container-image via attribute OBS:Maintained


Non free or non open source parts of openSUSE 12.1


This project builds the official 13.1 openSUSE distribution.

Have a look at for more details.

Non free or non open source parts of openSUSE 13.1.


This project contains package sources dropped in the main openSUSE distribution (aka Factory).

MirrorCache will be the successor of MirrorBrain (see other repository).

This project is used by the openSUSE maintenance team to coordinate all maintenance updates for the released openSUSE distributions.

This update fixes the following issue for qgit:
- 734180: make qgit work with git 1.7.x

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