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HTML::Encoding helps to determine the encoding of HTML and XML/XHTML documents.

Packaged by Sierk Bornemann.

home:bornemann Maintainer

This package is based on the package 'apache2-mod_tidy' from project 'Tidy'.

mod_tidy works as a filter that hooks up to the (X)HTML output of an Apache 2 webserver.
It passes the webservers' (X)HTML output to TidyLib (
which parses and optional cleans-up and pretty-prints that output. If TidyLib detects an error,
the client receives a HTML page with a list of all found errors and warnings
that prevent the input of being a valid (X)HTML document. If TidyLib doesn't complain,
the client will get and display the (X)HTML data as without mod_tidy.

Due to the fact that mod_tidy may affect little response delays of the webserver,
its use should be reduced to a developer framework only. mod_tidy is not recommended
to be used in a production environment, where response delays of the webserver are undesirable.

Packaged by Sierk Bornemann.

home:bornemann / tidy Maintainer

This package is based on the package 'tidy' from project 'Tidy'.

When editing HTML it's easy to make mistakes. Wouldn't it be nice if
there was a simple way to fix these mistakes automatically and tidy up
sloppy editing into nicely layed out markup? Well now there is! Dave
Raggett's HTML TIDY is a free utility for doing just that. It also
works great on the atrociously hard to read markup generated by
specialized HTML editors and conversion tools, and can help you
identify where you need to pay further attention on making your pages
more accessible to people with disabilities.

Tidy is able to fix up a wide range of problems and to bring to your
attention things that you need to work on yourself. Each item found is
listed with the line number and column so that you can see where the
problem lies in your markup. Tidy won't generate a cleaned up version
when there are problems that it can't be sure of how to handle. These
are logged as "errors" rather than "warnings".

Packaged by Sierk Bornemann.

This package is based on the package 'w3c-markup-validator' from project 'validators'.

The W3C Markup Validator checks documents like HTML and XHTML for
conformance to W3C Recommendations and other standards.

Packaged by Sierk Bornemann.

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