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Involved Projects and Packages

Command line programs which can be used to solve Freecell and other card games.

A C++ wrapper for the Gilles Vollant's ZIP/UNZIP C package, using Qt toolkit.
Useful to access ZIP archives from Qt programs.


CodeSynthesis XSD is an open-source, cross-platform W3C XML Schema to
C++ data binding compiler. Provided with an XML instance specification
(XML Schema), it generates C++ classes that represent the given
vocabulary as well as parsing and serialization code.
You can then access the data stored in XML using types and functions
that semantically correspond to your application domain rather than
dealing with intricacies of reading and writing XML.

Maintainer Reviewer

clazy is a compiler plugin which allows Clang to understand Qt semantics.
You get more than 50 Qt related compiler warnings, ranging from unneeded memory
allocations to misusage of API, including fix-its for automatic refactoring.

Maintainer Bugowner

Assimp is a library to load and process geometric scenes from various data formats.
It is tailored at typical game scenarios by supporting a node hierarchy, static or skinned meshes,
materials, bone animations and potential texture data. The library is not designed for speed,
it is primarily useful for importing assets from various sources once and storing it in a
engine-specific format for easy and fast every-day-loading.

Maintainer Bugowner

The aim of JAG is to break all of the target pieces on each level,
and to do this before the time runs out. Keep doing this until you
have beaten the last level and won the game.


q5Go is a tool for Go players which performs the following functions:
SGF editor
Analysis frontend for Leela Zero (or compatible engines)
GTP interface
IGS client
Export to a variety of formats


G'MIC is a framework for image processing, providing
several different user interfaces to convert/manipulate/filter/visualize
generic image datasets, from 1d scalar signals to 3d+t sequences of
multi-spectral volumetric images.


This package contains brush files for use with MyPaint and other programs.


2D animation software previously known as Toonz.


UniConvertor is a multiplatform universal vector graphics translator.
It uses sK1 engine to convert one format to another.

Import filters:
* CorelDRAW ver.7-X3,X4 (CDR/CDT/CCX/CDRX/CMX)
* Adobe Illustrator up to 9 ver. (AI postscript based)
* Postscript (PS)
* Encapsulated Postscript (EPS)
* Computer Graphics Metafile (CGM)
* Windows Metafile (WMF)
* Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG)
* Skencil/Sketch/sK1 (SK and SK1)
* Acorn Draw (AFF)
* HPGL for cutting plotter files (PLT)
* Autocad Drawing Exchange Format (DXF)
* Design format (Tajima) (DST)
* Embroidery file format (Brother) (PES)
* Embroidery file format (Melco) (EXP)
* Design format (Pfaff home) (PCS)

Export filters:
* AI - Postscript based Adobe Illustrator 5.0 format
* SVG - Scalable Vector Graphics
* SK - Sketch/Skencil format
* SK1 - sK1 format
* CGM - Computer Graphics Metafile
* WMF - Windows Metafile
* PDF - Portable Document Format
* PS - PostScript
* PLT - HPGL for cutting plotter files


Zint is a C library for encoding data in several barcode variants. The
bundled command-line utility provides a simple interface to the library.
Features of the library:
- Over 50 symbologies including all ISO/IEC standards, like QR codes.
- Unicode translation for symbologies which support Latin-1 and
Kanji character sets.
- Full GS1 support including data verification and automated insertion of
FNC1 characters.
- Support for encoding binary data including NULL (ASCII 0) characters.
- Health Industry Barcode (HIBC) encoding capabilities.
- Output in PNG, EPS and SVG formats with user adjustable sizes and colors.
- Verification stage for SBN, ISBN and ISBN-13 data.


The libspnav library is provided as a replacement of the magellan library.
It provides a cleaner, and more orthogonal interface. libspnav supports
both the original X11 protocol for communicating with the driver, and the
new alternative non-X protocol. Programs that choose to use the X11
protocol, are automatically compatible with either the free spacenavd
driver or the official 3dxserv, as if they were using the magellan SDK.

Also, libspnav provides a magellan API wrapper on top of the new API. So,
any applications that were using the magellan library, can switch to
libspnav without any changes. And programmers that are familliar with the
magellan API can continue using it with a free library without the
restrictions of the official SDK.


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