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Example of a project with a linked package
(`osc linkpac openSUSE:Factory tealdeer home:dmarcoux:links:openSUSE:Factory`).

Note that this project doesn't have any repository configured. This would have not been the case if the package would have branched (so with `osc branch openSUSE:Factory tealdeer --nodevelproject`). Repositories from the source project (openSUSE:Factory in this case) would have then been configured.

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Examples for OBS development. It has a long description because I can do it. This is for testing how the UI behaves with a long description. Is it fine? Is it really fine? Sure? I like long descriptions. Bonjour, je ne sais plus quoi écrire... Quelqu'un a une idée? J'ai besoin d'inspiration.

I use this project to onboard colleagues in the OBS team. It serves as an introduction to packaging, the web interface, the workflow for requests and finally, the openSUSE build service command-line tool (osc).


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These are the developer versions of the tools for the Open Build Service project. They are mainly used by the openSUSE instance.

Please use OBS:Server:2.10 for production environments unless told otherwise.

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