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Audit Cargo.lock files for crates with security vulnerabilities reported to the RustSec Advisory Database.

The RustSec Advisory Database is a repository of security advisories filed against Rust crates published via https://crates.io. A human-readable version of the advisory database can be found at https://rustsec.org/advisories/.


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NOTE: Builds using Rust bundled LLVM require upwards of 50GB.

Rust is a systems programming language focused on three goals: safety, speed, and concurrency. It maintains these goals without having a garbage collector, making it a useful language for a number of use cases other languages aren’t good at: embedding in other languages, programs with specific space and time requirements, and writing low-level code, like device drivers and operating systems. It improves on current languages targeting this space by having a number of compile-time safety checks that produce no runtime overhead, while eliminating all data races. Rust also aims to achieve ‘zero-cost abstractions’ even though some of these abstractions feel like those of a high-level language. Even then, Rust still allows precise control like a low-level language would.


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Containers Demo


Identity Management related tools


A module that synthesises uid/gid's from bare uid's for container compatibility


The project contains packages LDAP servers, clients, libraries, as well as utility programs.

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389 Directory Server is a full-featured LDAPv3 compliant server. In
addition to the standard LDAPv3 operations, it supports multi-master
replication, fully online configuration and administration, chaining,
virtual attributes, access control directives in the data, Virtual
List View, server-side sorting, SASL, TLS/SSL, and many other
features. (The server started out as Netscape Directory Server.)


OpenLDAP Software is an open source implementation of the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol.

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