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# GCT packages for SLES and OpenSUSE #

According to the SUSE product support lifecycle ([1]) general support for SLES 12, 12 SP1 and 12 SP2 has already ended, so these repositories are disabled. If you are on LTSS ([2]) and still require packages for SLES 12 SP1 and 12 SP2 please let me know.




> NOTICE1: Packages for SLES 11 (w/Service Pack 4 and Security Module (see [3] and [4] for details)) are not provided, (1) because of problems with the usable OpenSSL version in SLES 11 SP4 with Security Module, (2) unexpected difficulties with build dependency resolution not present in later SLES versions and (3) the amount of work needed to get this working just for SLES 11 whose general support will already end on 2019-03-31, so in less than half a year.



> NOTICE2: For SLES 12 (w/o Service Pack!) not all packages can be build, as a test case for the globus-gssapi-gsi build fails, most likely due to the used OpenSSL version of SLES 12. The test case works for SLES 12 SP1 and above.

> NOTICE3: The globus-xio-udt-driver build only works for OpenSUSE Leap 15.0, 15.1 and Tumbleweed, as the required (lib)udt-devel package is currently only available there and in the SUSE Package Hub (but only for AArch64! ([5])).



2019-02-26 Frank Scheiner


* GSI-OpenSSH 8.4p1 w/HPN v15.1
* UberFTP 2.9.1

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