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Name Title
server:irc Internet Relay Chat
home:gladiac GlaDiaC's Home Project
server:mail Email services
network:samba Samba and related projects
network:samba:misc Miscellaneous pieces used by Samba
home:gladiac:rocm Radeon Open Compute
home:gladiac:apps apps
graphics:darktable Darktable
network:im:signal Signal Messaging Devel Project
home:gladiac:ig-klettern IG Klettern Felsinfo Packages
home:gladiac:mailman3 mailman3 infra
devel:languages:python:mailman Project containing all pythonic modules of mailman
home:gladiac:branches:network Branch project for package netdata
home:gladiac:branches:OBS_Maintained:darktable Branch project for package darktable
home:gladiac:branches:devel:languages:python:django Branch project for package python-django-haystack

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