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I am a developer of the modern web. And for more than a decade I am a rigorous practitioner of Open Source.

My day job at SUSE.com is hacking, operating and maintaining the Linux distribution development platform Open Build Service.

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openSUSE:12.3 / tvtime Bugowner

tvtime is a high quality television application for use with video
capture cards. tvtime processes the input from a capture card and
displays it on a computer monitor or projector. Unlike other
television applications, tvtime focuses on high visual quality.

tvtime supports: * Deinterlaced output at a full interlaced rate of
59.94 frames per second for NTSC source or 50 frames per second
for PAL sources. This gives smoothness of motion and high visual

* Multiple deinterlacing algorithms for finding the optimal mode for
your video content and available processor speed.

* 16:9 aspect ratio mode for the highest available resolution when
processing input from an external DVD player or digital satellite

* A super-slick on-screen display for the complete television
experience, with a feature-rich menu system.

* 2-3 Pulldown detection for optimal quality viewing of film content
from NTSC sources.

You can find more information at http://tvtime.net/.

This project contains packages for OSEM, the Open Source Event Manager. A live demo is available at https://events.opensuse.org/

server:mail / MHonArc Bugowner

MHonArc is a Perl program for converting mail or news messages into
HTML archives. It can also be used to convert individual messages
into HTML documents. Other capabilities include robust MIME support
and powerful user customization features.

TestLinux Maintainer
X11:Utilities / ding Maintainer Bugowner

Ding is a smart X Window System English-to-German dictionary. It works
with a local database file. For full functionality, agrep should be

Frank Richter

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