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Involved Projects and Packages

NOTE: Automatically created during Factory devel project migration by admin.

Abstract Method is a tiny library enabling you to define abstract methods in Ruby classes and modules.

Cheetah is a simple library for executing external commands safely and conveniently.


This project was created for package python-langtable via attribute OBS:Maintained

Perl modules for configuring various boot loaders.

WebYaST - Plugin providing UI for roles management.

WebYaST - Plugin providing REST based interface for roles management.

The bindings allow YaST modules to be written using the Ruby language
and also Ruby scripts can use YaST agents, APIs and modules.


Agama is a new Linux installer born in the core of the YaST team. It is designed to offer re-usability, integration with third party tools and the possibility of building advanced user interfaces over it.

This project is updated manually from the Agama:Staging project. Its intention is to provide more stable base for testing which gets at least basic manual testing. It is released less often than staging.

Nightly builds of SVN (GIT) repository snapshots. It will break whenever SVN code breaks and even more! Useful for testing, hunting bugs and working closely with upstream.


This project contains the latest YaST packages built directly from the Git repositories. This is the development project for Factory.

**That means the packages are considered experimental and unstable, use them at your risk!**

Submit requests are disabled, if you want to contribute (thank you in advance!) create a pull request at GitHub (

See more details at

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