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Involved Projects and Packages

Flexible authentication solution for Rails with Warden


This project was created for package agama-live via attribute OBS:Maintained

The package contains rest_doc utility for generating documentation
for a REST API and rest_test utility for testing REST API.

WebYaST - Plugin providing UI for rebooting/shuting down the system.

WebYaST - Plugin providing REST based interface for system reboot/shutdown.

This package contains Selenium Remote Control component which
is used for automated UI testing.

This package contains YaST DBus service, it provides DBus access
to YaST components.

This package contains scripts for installing a new system into separate

This package allows you to configure an installation server suitable
for installaing SUSE Linux over the network. Currently FTP, HTTP and
NFS sources are supported.

This package contains the scanner/parser and dependency checker for all
packages handled by YaST2.

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