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Involved Projects and Packages

Simutrans is a transport and economic simulation with some ecological aspects. The goal of the game is to build an infrastructure which allows you to transport goods between the various industries and towns, and to support the towns with water and energy. A second goal is to become as rich as possible, but you will have to reinvest a good part of your earned money to expand your infrastructure network. Your competitors will not sleep!


During development people wanted larger graphics. From this the 128 tile set was born. Also it first featured a complex economy and has a really very wide variety of vehicles, buildings or industries. It contains roughly 7 time more graphics data than pak64 and thus requires by far the largest amounth of RAM and processing power of all Simutrans sets.

Developed to give a British theme to Simutrans, this pakset features a wide range of vehicles with emphasis on rail vehicles, highly detailed stations, more accurate looking track for junctions, and a more subdued graphical appearance than the brightly coloured Pak128 from which it was originally derived.

This simutrans pakset aims to show the german transportation system imbedded in typical german towns and industries according to the respective topographic region (cost, the Alpes etc.). Trains and lorries are taller than they are in standard pak128. Every building and factory has four views, and each type of factory will have different graphics and data.

The japanese community has built many great trains for Simutrans. However, it was felt, that the scale of pak128 did not meet the desired level of detail. Thus pak128.Japan was designed. Here the trains are enhanced as compared to the standard size. Also this pak is made more consistently, since it did not incorporated any pak128 objects.

Pak192.Comic is the 192x192 pixel comic style version of great Simutrans game. Your goal is to transport as many passengers, mail and goods by rail, road, ship, air and maglev by buiding a transport network in a nice comic styled world.

Born from some weird idea to make some comic-style buildings, pak32.comic was concieved. This is currently the lowest resolution graphic set of Simutrans. It is there, if there will be ever done a simutrans version for PDAs.


Pak64 is the main and a base set for Simutrans developed along with Simutrans executable. It always contains the most recent features. It is neatly painted pixel by pixel with motherly care. On the other hand it might look too tiny on high resolution displays. Many artists contributed to this pak set, from the 8 bit age on.

This pakset brings Germany to Simutrans. The graphics for this pakset are quite consistent, primarily being based on the work of MHz and Alexander Brose. The economical model used in this pakset is somewhat different from other paksets, and this pakset is in its default settings more challenging than other paksets.

Pak64.Japan evolved from pak64, after original images were replaced by Japanese versions. You will see typical Japanese architecture and vehicles (yes! It includes the famous shinkansens!), transport rice and electronics. And the most important, you will drive on left.

This simutrans pak was inspired by pak32.comic. Its clean, colorful and simple style reminds people of model railroading and also keeps the focus more on playing. This pak is under heavy development, although it is already fully playable.

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