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Involved Projects and Packages

Tool required to build WebKit

Bug Buddy makes bug reporting for GNOME end-users as easy as possible.
It can generate crash backtraces and include that information into the
bug report.


Check is a unit test framework for C. It features a simple interfacefor
defining unit tests, limitating the developer the less possible. Tests
are run in a separate address space, so Check cancatch both, assertion
failures and code errors that cause segmentationfaults or other
signals. The output of unit tests can be used within source code
editors and IDEs.

This applet allows you to search for people in your Evolution 2 address

To use, simply add it to your panel (Add to Panel -> Accessories ->
Address book Lookup), type a name into the field, and hit [Enter] or


Dasher is a zooming predictive text entry system, designed for
situations where keyboard input is impractical (for instance:
accessibility or PDAs). It is usable with greatly limited amounts of
physical input while still allowing high rates of text entry.


A library providing an efficient extensible abstraction for dealing
with different spell checking libraries.


Epiphany is a Web browser for the GNOME Desktop. Its principles are
simplicity and standards compliance.

This package contains the following Epiphany extensions: Error Viewer
and Validator, Mouse Gestures, Popup Blocker, and Tabs Move-To Menu.

Evolution consists of modular components (at the moment: mailer,
calendar, and address book) that should make daily life easier. Because
of the modular design, it is possible to plug new components into
Evolution or embed the existing ones in other applications.

Evolution Data Server provides a central location for your address book
and calendar in the GNOME Desktop.

With the Connector for Microsoft Exchange installed, Evolution
functions as an Exchange client, enabling users to become full
participants in companywide group scheduling and other collaborative
tasks. Linux and Solaris users can access public folders, Global
Address Lists, e-mail, calendar, task lists, and group scheduling

Webcal subscribes to Web calendars for Evolution.


The Farsight project is an effort to create a framework to deal with
all known audio/video conferencing protocols. On one side it offers a
generic API that makes it possible to write plugins for different
streaming protocols, on the other side it offers an API for clients to
use those plugins.

Gconf-editor allows you to view and edit the values that are stored in
the gconf database. This database is used for application settings in
the GNOME Desktop Environment.


GConf is a configuration database system for storing application
preferences. It supports default or mandatory settings set by the
administrator, and changes to the database are instantly applied to all
running applications. It is written for the GNOME desktop but doesn't
require it.


This package provides a C++ interface for GConf. It is a subpackage of
the gnomemm project. The interface provides a convenient interface for
C++ programmers to use GConf with flexible object-oriented framework.


Gnome Devtool Libraries contains components and libraries that are
intended to be shared between GNOME development tools, including
gnome-debug, gnome-build, and anjuta2.

This package provides openSUSE Look and Feel for gdm.

Sounds for GNOME and Gtk applications.

Background images from the GNOME project.

The default GNOME icon theme.

The GNOME Desktop Menu and Application Browser.

This module contains the base MIME and application database for GNOME.
It is meant to be accessed through the MIME functions in GNOMEVFS.

This package contains an applet that provides information about a
network interface on your panel.

GNOME PackageKit provides session applications for the PackageKit API.
There are several utilities designed for installing, updating and
removing packages on your system.

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