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This project was created for package calibre via attribute OBS:Maintained

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This project contains modified packages needed to support DDF fake RAID with MD on Fedora.

This project contains SUSE's working copy of multipath-tools. It is mostly the upstream code base, plus the most recent SUSE fixes and additions which haven't been committed upstream yet.

This project was created for package suse-module-tools via attribute OBS:Maintained

This project was created for package suse-module-tools via attribute OBS:Maintained

This project contains SUSE's development version of suse-module-tools.
Build of suse-module-tools is triggered via webhook from

This project was created for package suse-module-tools via attribute OBS:Maintained

This project contains packages necessary for booting over NVMeoF/TCP


This project was created for package git-repair via attribute OBS:Maintained


A new driver for the newest Realtek rtlwifi cards.

This repository includes drivers for the following cards:

Realtek 8852AE, 8852BE, 8852CE, and RTW8922AE


NOTE: Automatically created during Factory devel project migration by admin.


This is the main development project for the SUSE version of open-iscsi.

The sources for this project are managed in github, at: under the branch openSUSE-Factory.

If you wish to submit a change to this project, please submit a pull request to that repository.

Any submissions directly to this project which do not go through github repository will be rejected.


Userspace tools to manage FibreChannel over Ethernet (FCoE)


This package contains the Link Layer Discovery Protocol (LLDP) Agent
with Data Center Bridging (DCB) for Intel(R) Network Connections
'lldpad' plus the configuration tools 'dcbtool' and 'lldptool'.

In-kernel TLS consumers need a mechanism to perform TLS handshakes on a connected socket to negotiate TLS session parameters that can then be programmed into the kernel's TLS record protocol engine.

This package of software provides a TLS handshake user agent that listens for kernel requests and then materializes a user space socket endpoint on which to perform these handshakes. The resulting negotiated session parameters are passed back to the kernel via standard kTLS socket options.

Maintainer Bugowner

Project Hamster is a time tracker for keeping track on how much time
is spent during the day on activities that are set up.

Maintainer Bugowner

The "Printing" project is the development project
for packages which provide the base functionality
of the printing system.

The main intent of the "Printing" project is
to provide the newest kind of base printing software for
upcoming openSUSE and SUSE Linux Enterprise versions
and at the same time with same priority to provide the
same newest base printing software also for as many
released openSUSE and SUSE Linux Enterprise versions
as far as possible with reasonable effort.

Base printing software packages are in particular
print spooler software like CUPS,
printing filters like cups-filters,
printer drivers like HPLIP or Gutenprint,
printer driver related software like Ghostscript,
plain PPD files packages like OpenPrintingPPDs,
and other software which directly
belongs to the base printing system
like special backends for CUPS.

In contrast software which does not directly
belong to the base printing system like
user frontends (e.g. printer setup tools,
printing dialog GUIs, or other printing
related GUIs) or applications with a major
focus on printing (e.g. LaTeX or Scribus)
do usually not belong to the "Printing" project.

Of course only really free software can be
accepted in the "Printing" project.

In particular printer driver software which
is not 100% free software cannot be accepted
regardless how nice it would be when this
or that awkward printer model would work.

We will not risk any legal issue for openSUSE
and SUSE Linux Enterprise and our users and
contributors when software where the legal state
is not clear would be accepted.

An obvious precondition for any software is
that it is by default reasonably secure.
In particular for software that is run as root
(e.g. a setup tool or a special CUPS backend)
a security audit is usually required.

The "Printing" development project may contain
new software or work-in-progress changes of
existing software that might neither be in
a stable state nor fit well into currently
installed systems.

Have this in mind if you think about to install
packages from the "Printing" project into your
currently running system.

Do not use "Factory" if your system is not "Factory".
Use the matching packages for your particular system.

The packages in the "Printing" project are without
any guarantee or warranty and without any support.

As an extreme example, this means if your
complete computer center crashes because
of those packages, it is only your problem.

On the other hand this does not mean that those
packages are known to be terrible broken but
they are not thoroughly tested so that any
unexpected issue can happen.

In the end all software in the "Printing" project
are only applications which means that your system
should not "explode" when you upgrade with packages
from the "Printing" project (provided you use the
matching packages for your particular system).

If a new version does not work it should usually
help to downgrade (and to reconfigure as needed)
to get it working again.

When there are issues with the packages in the
"Printing" project we appreciate issue reports.

Regarding how to report a printing issue see

For developers:

In general see

In particular regarding how to contribute
to the "Printing" project see

If you like to contribute major changes
for a package in the "Printing" project
first and foremost get in contact with the
maintainers of the particular package or
the maintainers of the "Printing" project.

This avoids that you do major work on your own
which might not be accepted by the package

The openSUSE Build Service (OBS) web pages
show maintainers of a particular package and
the maintainers of the "Printing" project.

The RPM changelog shows e-mail addresses of
those who had worked on an installed package:
"rpm -q --changelog package_name"

Maintainer Reviewer

The Hewlett-Packard Linux Imaging and Printing
project (HPLIP) provides a unified single and
multifunction connectivity solution for HP
printers and scanners (in particular,
HP all-in-one devices).

HPLIP provides unified connectivity for printing,
scanning, sending faxes, photo card access, and
device management and is designed to work with CUPS.

It includes the Ghostscript printer driver HPIJS
for HP printers and a special "hp" CUPS back-end
that provides bidirectional communication with the
device (required for HP printer device management).

It also includes the SANE scanner driver "hpaio"
for HP all-in-one devices. Basic PC send fax
functionality is supported on a number of devices.

The special "hpfax" CUPS back-end is required to
send faxes. Direct uploading (i.e. without print
and scan) of received faxes from the device to the
PC is not supported.

The "hp-toolbox" program is provided for device

The "hp-sendfax" program must be used to send faxes.

The "hp-setup" program can be used to set up
HP all-in-one devices.

The HPLIP project is open source software and uses
GPL-compatible licenses. For more information, see:


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