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Involved Projects and Packages

Lisp that transpiles to Lua

pypi-search allows you to quickly query packages on PyPI. It fetches the following information:

* Version Information
* Project Links
* Github Stats if any
* Meta Information (author, maintainer)
* Description

It quickly allows you to know what a package is all about without having to open up the PyPI website.

The tool cpp-dependencies creates include dependency information for C++ source code
files, which it derives from scanning a full source tree.

The dependency information is output as .dot files, which can be visualized in,
for example, GraphViz.


Sketch, take handwritten notes and annotate PDF files


Linux tool for controlling PS5 DualSense controllers

These are packages which were decommissioned from GeekosDAW due to:
- Lack of upstream maintenance
- Lack of a reliable build toolchain on GNU/Linux
- Critical bugs

If you manage to build any of these packages on OBS, please get in contact with us.

* Maintenance Repository of Geekos Daw Stable
* Factory for upstream collaboration

Debug build for Zrythm


These are some WIP packages. Install them at your own risk!


This project was created for package ardour via attribute OBS:Maintained


This project was created for package koi via attribute OBS:Maintained


Azeret is a sans-serif typeface with a mono-linear character. Don't go looking for too much contrast in the strokes! The circular parts of the letters do not have a smooth connection to the stems. The x-height is higher than usual and thus the ascenders and descenders are short. Alternates are also available which open the possibility of creating different moods. A number of them hint at a nineties aesthetic.


This repository provides all tools, plugins and softwares for a professional DAW based on openSUSE.

If you want to contribute, please read our packaging guidelines at http://geekoswiki.tuxfamily.org/doku.php?id=en:packaging_conventions


Extract content from HTML with CSS selectors


A modern text/number processing language for the shell

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