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dassbuild is a collection of tools for easier building RPMs directly from subversion repositories.
It uses tools like (SuSE) build, osc and Subversion.


is a wrapper for Subversion to mange config file on the local machine

Maintainer Bugowner
Maintainer Bugowner

This project was created for package qgis-ltr via attribute OBS:Maintained

The openSUSE 11.2 distribution.

rpm and iso file downloads are disabled by intention, please use our
official released RCs from the download mirrors.

This project was created for package kdebase4-runtime via attribute OBS:Maintained

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Maintainer Bugowner

KDE Profile und Kontact Einstellungen

Packages for HpProBook650g2 and HpEliteBook820g3 laptops.
Based on Kernel from openSUSE 42.1.

Repository for HP Laptops to use the 42.2 Kernel and Dependencies.

Create Firefox ESR packages for openSUSE distributions used at VermKV.
Adapt packaging, if required.

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afbackup is a client-server backup system allowing many workstations to backup to a central server (simultaneously or serially). Backups can be started remotely from the server or via cron jobs on the the clients.

havp - HTTP antivirus proxy

heartbeat is a sophisticated multinode resource manager for High
Availability clusters.

It can failover arbitrary resources, ranging from IP addresses over NFS
to databases that are tied in via resource scripts. The resources can
have arbitrary dependencies for ordering or placement between them.

heartbeat contains a cluster membership layer, fencing, and local and
clusterwide resource management functionality.

1.2/1.0 based 2-node only configurations are supported in a legacy

heartbeat implements the following kinds of heartbeats:

- Serial ports

- UDP/IPv4 broadcast, multi-cast, and unicast

- IPv4 "ping" pseudo-cluster members.

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