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Involved Projects and Packages

The libStorageMgmt library will provide a vendor agnostic open source storage
application programming interface (API) that will allow management of storage
arrays. The library includes a command line interface for interactive use and
scripting (command lsmcli). The library also has a daemon that is used for
executing plug-ins in a separate process (lsmd).

This project was created for package drbd via attribute OBS:Maintained

This project was created for package ocfs2/DRBD via attribute OBS:Maintained

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Drbd is a distributed replicated block device. It mirrors a block
device over the network to another machine. Think of it as networked
raid 1. It is a building block for setting up clusters.

Staging project for the PackageHub packages submissions. This project will be used to build the packages against the openSUSE:Backports:* repositories for the SUSE Package Hub submission.

Devel project for openSUSE:Factory, i.e. these packages are the basis for what's coming up in the next release of openSUSE.
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Stable packages for other distributions like RHEL/centOS/Fedora.

For stable versions of packages when running openSUSE, see the Factory repository or openSUSE Leap.

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Unstable (i.e. new, development or work in progress) packages for openSUSE Leap and Tumbleweed.

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NOTE: Automatically created during Factory devel project migration by admin.

Refer to [1] for the auto build version:

Distributed Replicated Block Device tools

Refer to [1] for the auto build version

Maintainer Bugowner
Maintainer Bugowner

YaST2 - Configuration of Distributed Replicated Block Devices. With
this module you can configure a distributed storage system, frequently
used on high availability (HA) clusters.

Maintainer Bugowner
Maintainer Bugowner

Multipath I/O is a fault tolerance technique whereby there is more than
one physical path between the CPU in a computer system and its mass
storage devices through the buses, controllers, switches, and bridge
devices connecting them.

You can configure your multipathed devices with this module.

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