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_service 0000000644 644 Bytes
fwupd-1.9.14.obscpio 0019045389 18.2 MB
fwupd-bsc1130056-change-shim-path.patch 0000000570 570 Bytes
fwupd-jscSLE-11766-close-efidir-leap-gap.patch 0000000857 857 Bytes
fwupd.changes 0000202379 198 KB
fwupd.obsinfo 0000000095 95 Bytes
fwupd.spec 0000012723 12.4 KB
harden_fwupd-offline-update.service.patch 0000000749 749 Bytes
harden_fwupd-refresh.service.patch 0000000677 677 Bytes
Comments 3

Bruno Pitrus's avatar

Why is this built without NVME support?

Marcos de Souza's avatar

Is it possible to update to at least 1.8.13? There is a new SPI entry that was fixed, and this affects my laptop :) There is already a version 1.8.14 released, so it's your call!

Frank Krüger's avatar

Could someone please update fwupd to version 1.9.9, since it fixes https://bugzilla.suse.com/show_bug.cgi?id=1217295. Thx.

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