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Involved Projects and Packages

Generic helper tool to build app in a distributable formats.
Used by electron-builder but applicable not only for building Electron applications.

This package provides a perl interface for batch renaming files (File::Rename) and a command line tool `file-rename` (renamed from `rename` so as not to conflict with an unrelated tool provided by `util-linux`).


Gede is a graphical frontend (GUI) to GDB written in C++ and using the Qt5 toolkit.
Gede supports debugging programs written in Ada, FreeBasic, C++, C, Rust, Fortran and Go.


This project was created for package bitwarden via attribute OBS:Maintained

Repacks of Electron “applications” to make them use system-provided electron for increased security, stability and performance.

Also see network:im:signal repo.

Staging area for nodejs-electron

Maintainer Bugowner

This provides the Signal-Desktop app.

Maintainer Bugowner

This is a viewer for ebooks and documentation in CHM (Microsoft Compiled HTML) and ePub formats.
It supports complex searching for large books and has various viewing features.

This package provides helper scripts originating in Arch Linux that are useful during manual installation and recovery of any Linux system.

* genfstab: Automatically generate an fstab file
* arch-chroot: Set up bind mounts and chroot into the target system

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