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Linux headers for userspace development

This package provides Linux kernel headers, the kernel API description
required for compilation of almost all programs. This is the userspace
interface; compiling external kernel modules requires
kernel-(flavor)-devel, or kernel-syms to pull in all kernel-*-devel,
packages, instead.

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install_all.sh 1.88 KB over 2 years ago Download File
linux-glibc-devel-4.4.tar.xz 911 KB 24 days ago Download File
linux-glibc-devel.changes 147 KB 24 days ago Download File
linux-glibc-devel.spec 6.07 KB 24 days ago Download File

Latest Revision

Andreas Schwab Andreas Schwab (Andreas_Schwab) accepted request 353866 21 days ago (revision 97)
- Update to kernel headers 4.4

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