Framebuffer Terminal to Display Japanese Characters

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JFBTERM is a program to display Japanese Kanji characters using the
framebuffer. Similar to the well-known program kon, it uses a terminal
emulator on the console and hooks into its output. But JFBTERM does not
use VGA (like kon does). It uses the framebuffer instead.

Source Files
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jfbterm-0.3.10-implicit_decl.patch 0000000122 122 Bytes
jfbterm-0.3.10-security.patch 0000010475 10.2 KB
jfbterm-0.3.10.suse.patch 0000002699 2.64 KB
jfbterm-0.3.10.tar.bz2 0000067870 66.3 KB
jfbterm-pagemask.patch 0000000617 617 Bytes
jfbterm.changes 0000004291 4.19 KB
jfbterm.spec 0000006653 6.5 KB
ready 0000000000 0 Bytes
termcap.jfbterm 0000000900 900 Bytes
terminfo.jfbterm 0000001740 1.7 KB
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