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Nmap is designed to allow system administrators and curious individuals
to scan large networks to determine which hosts are up and what
services they are offering. XNmap is a graphical front-end that shows
nmap's output clearly. Find documentation in

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nmap-4.00-libpcap-filter.diff 0000001441 1.41 KB
nmap-4.00-noreturn.diff 0000000201 201 Bytes
nmap-4.75-nostrip.patch 0000000571 571 Bytes
nmap-5.00-desktop_files.patch 0000001208 1.18 KB
nmap-5.00-fclose.patch 0000000313 313 Bytes
nmap-5.00.tar.bz2 0009068342 8.65 MB
nmap.changes 0000011968 11.7 KB
nmap.spec 0000005305 5.18 KB
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