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QNotify is a small and windowmanager independent utility to inform you
of events of any kind. When a specific event occurres, a small window
will pop up showing a message or an image. The window does not take
away the focus of any other application. Additionally, it stays on top
of the Desktop and does not disappear when changing workspaces. The
graphical look can be controlled by a lot of option like colors, geome-
try, time shown, flickering or transparency.

The tool is especially designed for those who are not using KDE, but it
is written with the framework QT from Trolltech and so it usable any

Since version 0.3, there is a daemon called qnotifyd which stays in
background and keeps track of all shown windows. It manages the
alignment of all qnotify windows and therefor avoids overlapping of
events. For further information about the daemon look at man qnotifyd.

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