A Fast Picture Viewer for the X Window System

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Xzgv is a picture viewer for the X Window System with a thumbnail-based
file selector. It uses GTK+ and Imlib. Most file formats are supported,
and the thumbnails used are compatible with xv, zgv, and the Gimp. It
can also be used with `xzgv file(s)', to effectively bypass the file
selector. For more on how xzgv works and how to use it, do `info xzgv'
or `man xzgv' once it is installed.

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xzgv-0.8.tar.gz 0000302801 296 KB
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xzgv-cmyk-ycc-fix.diff 0000002017 1.97 KB
xzgv-fixgcc4.diff 0000002158 2.11 KB
xzgv-jpegdetect.diff 0000000555 555 Bytes
xzgv-mmx.diff 0000000407 407 Bytes
xzgv-secfix.diff 0000005224 5.1 KB
xzgv.changes 0000002502 2.44 KB
xzgv.desktop 0000000081 81 Bytes
xzgv.diff 0000000884 884 Bytes
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