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An interactive mathematical programming environment


The Euler Mathematical Toolbox is an open software for numerical and symbolic
computations written and maintained by R. Grothmann, professor for mathematics
at the University of Eichstätt.

This is the GTK+ port of euler, a program for quicly and interactively
computing with real and complex numbers and matrices. It features advanced
graphics capabilities and a simple programming language.

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euler-1.61.0.tar.bz2 0001003302 980 KB over 14 years
euler-browser.patch 0000000360 360 Bytes over 14 years
euler-docdir.patch 0000007316 7.14 KB about 14 years
euler-missing_lib.patch 0000000515 515 Bytes over 10 years
euler-obsolete-CLK_TCK.patch 0000000383 383 Bytes over 14 years
euler-static.patch 0000000570 570 Bytes over 14 years
euler.changes 0000000796 796 Bytes almost 5 years
euler.desktop 0000000301 301 Bytes over 14 years
euler.spec 0000002477 2.42 KB almost 5 years
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