A graphical tool for Heart-Rate Variability analysis

gHRV is a graphical tool to clinicians and researchers interested in Heart Rate Variability Analysis.

- Reads Polar, Suunto, ASCII (beats and RR series) and WFDB (qrs) beats files.
- Episodes can be read from ASCII files, inserted, edited and deleted. gHRV includes both a graphical and a spreadsheet-like tools for editing episodes.
- Time-domain, frequency-domain and non-linear analyses are included. Some of the included measures are:
• Time-domain: SDNN, SDANN, rMSSD, SDNN index, pNN50, HRV triangular index and TIN.
• Frequency-domain: power in ULF, VLF, LF and HF bands, total power and LF/HF ratio.
• Non-linear: approximate entropy, fractal dimension and SD1 and SD2 from Poincaré plots.
- It generates high-quality plots that can be exported in eps, tiff, svg, png, pdf and jpg formats.
- It shows reports that can be saved in html format.
- Temporal evolution of frequency-domain and non-linear parameters can be represented and significance tests of these paremeters in different areas can be performed.

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