The TuxGuitar package

TuxGuitar is a guitar tablature editor with player support through
midi. It can display scores and multitrack tabs. Various features
TuxGuitar provides include autoscrolling while playing, note
duration management, bend/slide/vibrato/hammer-on/pull-off effects,
support for tuplets, time signature management, tempo management,
gp3/gp4/gp5 import and export.

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tuxguitar-1.4-src-clean.tar.gz 0007208108 6.87 MB over 3 years
tuxguitar-default-soundfont.patch 0000001445 1.41 KB about 3 years
tuxguitar-do-not-force-java-1.5.patch 0000000474 474 Bytes almost 3 years
tuxguitar-jsa-build.patch 0000000817 817 Bytes about 3 years
tuxguitar-startscript.patch 0000005920 5.78 KB about 3 years
tuxguitar-tray-build.patch 0000001945 1.9 KB about 3 years
tuxguitar.changes 0000002958 2.89 KB almost 2 years
tuxguitar.spec 0000009881 9.65 KB almost 2 years
Comments for tuxguitar 3

Ignacio Taranto's avatar

itaranto7 wrote over 1 year ago

Hi, I currently branched the Education/tuxguitar package to add suport for 1.5.2. I've been able to build an RPM for x6_64 using tumbleweed dockercontainer.

Right now it's failing in OBS becasuse it cannot download some Maven packages: Temporary failure in name resolution: Unknown host

This are the changes I made: - Changed the build system to maven (which is available in Tumbleweed repos). - Fixed some issues regarding fluid synth API changes and include directories.

I used Maven because the previous systems (using Ant and Make) gives a compilation error, it cannot find some symbols, it's Java stuff mostly and I'm not a Java expert.

Here's my repo:

Known issues: - The doc and man pages are not being installed correctly.

If you have any clue about how to fix this, will be much appreciated.

Mindaugas Baranauskas's avatar

embar wrote over 1 year ago

Try to use maven-local package for building: it exist in official repos since Leap 15.0.