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dosbox-staging is DOS/x86 emulator focusing on ease of use.
Based on DOSBox, it is a fork which use modern library (e.g.: sdl2) and
practice in an attempt to revitalize the development process.
DOSBox Staging is an attempt to revitalize DOSBox's development process.
It's not a rewrite, but a continuation and improvement on the existing
DOSBox codebase while leveraging modern development tools and practices.
Added support: Opus, FLAC, MT32, GM, GUS, Raw mouse input and more.

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dosbox-staging-0.77.1-config.patch 0000006226 6.08 KB 2 months
dosbox-staging-0.77.1-name.patch 0000002848 2.78 KB 2 months
dosbox-staging-0.77.1.tar.gz 0002622418 2.5 MB 2 months
dosbox.changes 0000016833 16.4 KB 2 months
dosbox.spec 0000003398 3.32 KB 2 months
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Charadon wrote 3 months ago

Hey, i'm the maintainer for dosbox-staging, I got a situation where the upstream project is trying to replace dosbox. The issue is that apparently if I want to submit it to Factory, dosbox-staging needs to be listed as a conflict here too. Would you be cool with adding that if I submitted dosbox-staging to Factory? Otherwise, i'll need to do a lot of patching on my end to make sure they don't conflict.

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