Settings daemon for the GNOME desktop

gnome-settings-daemon provides a daemon run by all GNOME sessions to
provide live access to configuration settings and the changes done to
them as well as basic services like a clipboard manager, controlling
the startup of the screensaver, etc.

This module was previously part of GNOME Control Center, but has been
splitted from it for a more general use.

Source Files (show merged sources derived from linked package)
Filename Size Changed
gnome-settings-daemon-3.38.1.tar.xz 0001437096 1.37 MB 4 months
gnome-settings-daemon-bgo793253.patch 0000002021 1.97 KB over 1 year
gnome-settings-daemon-bnc873545-hide-warnings.patch 0000001622 1.58 KB over 1 year
gnome-settings-daemon-initial-keyboard.patch 0000002814 2.75 KB over 1 year
gnome-settings-daemon-more-power-button-actions.patch 0000001733 1.69 KB over 1 year
gnome-settings-daemon-notify-idle-resumed.patch 0000005049 4.93 KB about 1 year
gnome-settings-daemon-switch-Japanese-default-input-to-mozc.patch 0000000813 813 Bytes over 1 year
gnome-settings-daemon.changes 0000190395 186 KB 2 months
gnome-settings-daemon.spec 0000012879 12.6 KB 2 months
Comments for gnome-settings-daemon 4

Alexei Podvalsky's avatar

awissu wrote almost 3 years ago

Why do we need nautilus as recommended dependency?

Ultimately, this causes problems when trying to exclude unwanted package.

E.g: X11:Pantheon:Next/elementary-files/elementary-files.changes

Dominique Leuenberger's avatar

dimstar wrote over 2 years ago

the spec file explains this:

# For housekeeping plugin, that uses the nautilus dbus service
Recommends:     nautilus

the g-s-d plugin calls out to nautilus;

Alexei Podvalsky's avatar

awissu wrote over 2 years ago

gsd-housekeeping not found in gnome-settings-daemon >= 3.22

Dominique Leuenberger's avatar

dimstar wrote over 2 years ago

# rpm -ql gnome-settings-daemon | grep house

and that is with GNOME 3.28...

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