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slbtongying wrote almost 2 years ago

可能没有修改的必要,不过现在 /usr/share/rime-data/ 下面总会多出 40mb 的 build 文件夹。

fctix 和 ibus 在用的时候,又会在用户的配置文件夹,也就是 ~/.config/ibus/rime/build 来一份新的 build。 usr/share 里面的 Build 好像并没有什么用?

windows/mac 版本的 rime 也没有预先包含一份 build 。

两份一样的文件,有点洁癖的话,总感觉没有必要在 /usr/share/ 里放重复的?

Happy Christmas !

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MargueriteSu wrote almost 2 years ago

you mean the .bin files?

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slbtongying wrote almost 2 years ago

Yes, the first time you run rime, those "bins" will be reproduced into the user's home folder.



Rime on win & mac don't include those "bins". They are 40 mb junk.

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