A Program for Generating Patch Set Information from a CVS Repository

CVSps is a program for generating 'patchset' information from a CVS
repository. In this case, a patchset is defined as a set of changes
made to a collection of files, all committed at the same time (using a
single 'cvs commit' command). This information is valuable for seeing
the big picture of the evolution of a CVS project. While CVS tracks
revision information, it is often difficult to see what changes were
'atomically' committed to the repository.

Source Files
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CMakeLists.txt 0000000729 729 Bytes about 12 years
bk-cvs.mail 0000000453 453 Bytes almost 14 years
commitid.diff 0000007597 7.42 KB about 12 years
cvsps-2.1.tar.bz2 0000051974 50.8 KB almost 14 years
cvsps-bk-cvs.mail 0000003747 3.66 KB almost 14 years
cvsps.changes 0000004042 3.95 KB over 7 years
cvsps.spec 0000002460 2.4 KB over 7 years
fixes.tar.bz2 0000008010 7.82 KB about 13 years
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