DCB network priority management daemon


This is a daemon to manage the priority of network traffic in dcb
enabled environments. By using the information exchanged over the dcbx
protocol on a LAN, this package will enforce network priority on
running applications on your host using the net_prio cgroup.

Source Files
Filename Size Changed Actions
cgdcbxd-1.0.2_8e157dff.tar.bz2 0000184942 181 KB about 5 years
cgdcbxd-add-headers 0000023365 22.8 KB about 5 years
cgdcbxd-fix-initscript 0000000787 787 Bytes about 5 years
cgdcbxd-use-pkgconfig-for-libmnl 0000001343 1.31 KB about 5 years
cgdcbxd.changes 0000000993 993 Bytes about 5 years
cgdcbxd.service 0000000266 266 Bytes about 5 years
cgdcbxd.spec 0000002414 2.36 KB about 5 years
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