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Flexible Context-aware Input Tool with eXtension

In 12.2, openSUSE will bring you two excellent and modern Input Method Frameworks (IMF), one of them is fcitx, a Flexible Context-aware Input Tool with eXtension. It is default input method for locale as ko, zh_CN and zh_SG.

Fcitx supports pinyin and table input methods. thus it supports many African and Asian locales. (you can find many fcitx-table-* package with details about which locale it applies in YaST) Besides the wide coverage, fcitx is also the leader of creative features in IMF field. It by now supports Import of User Dictionaries (like create your own input tables), GNOME 3/KDE 4 native configuration module (through a GNOME extension kimpanel and a kcm-module kcm-fcitx, which is the first IMF using KCM technology!), KDE 4 integration with a plasmoid named KIMpanel or a 3rd-party application named KIMToy, English Keyboard with libpresage predition support, best 3rd-party IMs' integration like Sunpinyin/libpinyin/Googlepinyin/RIME with no-pain trans-inputing between CJK. Even can fetch words from Internet servers to power your inputs! And it ships the capability of using Skins (branding-openSUSE is good, but you still can get more from kde-look.org. There's a special section for Fcitx!)

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