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Open-source X.org graphics common driver based on GL library.

The glamor module is an open-source 2D graphics common driver for the X Window System as implemented by X.org. It supports a variety of graphics chipsets which have OpenGL/EGL/GBM supports.

It's a GL-based rendering acceleration library for X server:

* It uses GL functions and shader to complete the 2D graphics operations.
* It uses normal texture to represent a drawable pixmap if possible.
* It calls GL functions to render to the texture directly.

It's somehow hardware independently. And could be a building block of any X server's DDX driver:

* Xorg's DDX driver could leverage glamor-egl package to create an egl context without any native X system.Now the xf86-intel-video driver uses glamor as one of its option. When you build it with --enable-glamor, then it will use glamor as its rendering enginee.

This package can support every platform which has OpenGL and gbm and drm libraries.

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