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Versatile Font Library

VFlib is a font library written in C language with several functions to
obtain bitmaps of fonts. Unique feature of VFlib is that fonts in
different formats are accessed by unified interface.

VFlib supports the following font formats: TeX fonts: PK, GF, VF,
TFM Omega TeX fonts: OFM (level 0), OVF X Window fonts: PCF, BDF Other
fonts: TrueType, Type 1, HBF, Syotai Club, JG, ekanji

Source Files
Filename Size Changed
VFlib3-3.6.14.tar.bz2 0003209242 3.06 MB over 14 years
VFlib3-include.patch 0000000689 689 Bytes over 14 years
VFlib3-info-dir.patch 0000001074 1.05 KB over 14 years
VFlib3-ppc64.patch 0000000315 315 Bytes over 14 years
VFlib3.changes 0000005427 5.3 KB almost 8 years
VFlib3.spec 0000004943 4.83 KB almost 8 years
comparison-is-always-false-due-to-limited-range-of-data-type.patch 0000000639 639 Bytes over 14 years
vflibcap-tex 0000014092 13.8 KB over 14 years
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