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Kana-Kanji Conversion Engine

Anthy (previously called 'Ancy'):

Canna, FreeWnn, and others are famous Kana-Kanji conversion engines
usable for Unix on PCs. They were originally developed for Japanese
Unix workstations around 1990 and development has practically stopped.
Therefore, the Heke Project is writing a free conversion engine from
scratch (apart from the dictionary, which is developed outside of the
Heke Project).

Source Files
Filename Size Changed
anthy-9100h.tar.bz2 0003906310 3.73 MB about 12 years
anthy-last-command-char-xemacs.patch 0000000702 702 Bytes almost 15 years
anthy-use-last-command-event.diff 0000000317 317 Bytes over 7 years
anthy.changes 0000007354 7.18 KB over 7 years
anthy.spec 0000004901 4.79 KB over 7 years
baselibs.conf 0000000006 6 Bytes over 12 years
bugzilla-224463-comparison-with-string-literal.patch 0000000394 394 Bytes over 14 years
suse-start-anthy.el 0000000231 231 Bytes almost 15 years
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