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IB Performance tests

This is a collection of tests written over uverbs intended for use as a
performance micro-benchmark. As an example, the tests can be used for
HW or SW tuning and/or functional testing.

The collection conatains a set of BW and latency benchmark such as :

* Read - ib_read_bw and ib_read_lat.
* Write - ib_write_bw and ib_wriet_lat.
* Send - ib_send_bw and ib_send_lat.
* Atomic - ib_atomic_bw and ib_atomic_lat
* Raw Etherent (when working with MOFED2) - raw_ethernet_bw.

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perftest-s390.patch 0000001315 1.28 KB almost 7 years
perftest-use_optflags.patch 0000000751 751 Bytes almost 7 years
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