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SAP-specific Locales

This package contains all the SAP specific locales needed for running
an SAP Application Server.

The SAP applications were originally written at a time when the
standards for various locales were either not defined at all or were
not in wide usage yet before the release of the SAP applications.

Consequently, there now exists a divergency between the needs of the
SAP applications running under Linux and what is being supplied via the
GNU C Library Locales, which follows the current standards for the
various defined locales.

In order to be able to use SAP applications under SUSE Linux (and
especially under SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES)), Novell is
supplying this package which contains the legacy locales required for
the SAP applications. The detailed list of locales is provided in
package documentation. These locales can coexist with the standard
locales on your system.

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