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libvirt Sandbox

The Libvirt Sandbox project is an effort to facilitate the use of libvirt virtualization drivers for the purpose of sandboxing applications. The key features of the project are:

* Choice of using LXC, QEMU or KVM as the virtualization technology to build the sandbox
* Provides a high level API to enable the construction of sandboxes
* Isolation from the need to understand the virtualization technology configuration
* Provides a “virt-sandbox” command line tool for running interactive commands
* Provides a “virt-sandbox-service” command line tool for provisioning system services
* Integration with systemd to setup service unit files inside a sandbox

Source Files
Filename Size Changed
87a9b5cc-lib-prefix-fix.patch 0000000882 882 Bytes about 7 years
945e8e71-selinux-only-if-supported.patch 0000003857 3.77 KB about 7 years
a54e094b-service-suse-paths.patch 0000003553 3.47 KB about 7 years
baf47f5b-service-check-secmodel.patch 0000001918 1.87 KB about 7 years
libvirt-sandbox-0.5.1.tar.gz 0000625612 611 KB over 7 years
no-libexec.patch 0000092930 90.8 KB about 7 years
systemd-path-fix.patch 0000000733 733 Bytes about 7 years
virt-sandbox.changes 0000001864 1.82 KB almost 7 years
virt-sandbox.rpmlintrc 0000000097 97 Bytes over 7 years
virt-sandbox.spec 0000005486 5.36 KB almost 7 years
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