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Documentation for the International Fonts

This package contains the READMEs for international fonts from the
following packages:

ifntarab: Arab fonts for X11

ifntasia: Asian fonts for X11

ifntchia: Chinese fonts for X11

ifntchib: Big Chinese fonts for X11

ifntethi: Ethiopic fonts for X11

ifnteuro: European fonts for X11

ifntjapa: Japanese fonts for X11

ifntjapb: Big Japanese fonts for X11

ifntphon: IPA fonts for X11

intlfonts-ttf: TrueType fonts

intlfonts-bdf: Bitmap fonts useful for printing exotic languages from

Source Files
Filename Size Changed
efont-iso8859-15.tar.bz2 0000021271 20.8 KB about 14 years
fonts.scale.intlfonts-ttf 0000003390 3.31 KB about 14 years
gulim24.bdf.bz2 0000285606 279 KB about 14 years
intlfonts-1.2.1.tar.bz2 0020545094 19.6 MB almost 9 years
intlfonts-1.2.dif 0000003394 3.31 KB over 6 years
intlfonts.changes 0000007827 7.64 KB almost 4 years
intlfonts.spec 0000016196 15.8 KB almost 4 years
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