Ethernet Bridge Tables

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A firewalling tool to transparently filter network traffic passing a
bridge. The filtering possibilities are limited to link layer filtering
and some basic filtering on higher network layers. The ebtables tool
can be used together with the other Linux filtering tools, like
iptables. There are no incompatibility issues.

Source Files
Filename Size Changed
0001-fix-compilation-warning.patch 0000000650 650 Bytes
ebtables-v2.0.10-4-audit.patch 0000003946 3.85 KB
ebtables-v2.0.10-4.tar.xz 0000083956 82 KB
ebtables-v2.0.8-initscript.diff 0000002886 2.82 KB
ebtables-v2.0.8-makefile.diff 0000003238 3.16 KB
ebtables.changes 0000007762 7.58 KB
ebtables.service 0000000200 200 Bytes
ebtables.spec 0000004731 4.62 KB
ebtables.systemd 0000001730 1.69 KB
include-linux-if.patch 0000000338 338 Bytes
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